Starters & Soups

This menu items are only a suggestions for your order.


Of course, we are able to prepair for you any kind of offmenu items and anything else your passengers request for a perfect flight.

Cesar salad with grilled chicken breast

and croutons

Prawns with grapefruit oil, beetroot-citrusfruit

salad & coriander

Smoked salmon with horseradish, dill

and wildherbs salad

Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella,

tomato & basil

Cucumber salad with ginger, coriander

& shrimps

Selection of VIP Canapé

Greek salad

Mixed salad with herbs, cherry tomatoes

& cucumber

Baby spinach salad with parmesan

cheese & cherry tomatoes


Tomato soup with basil & sourcream

Clear chicken soup with vegetables &


Italian Minestrone

Carrot-ginger soup with cilantro

Lobster bisque

Salad with fresh tuna, pepper & herbs

Asian chicken salad with bamboo, pepper

& coriander

Lobster with glass noodle salad

Beef carpaccio with rocket salad & parmesan


Italian pasta salad with Prawns & pesto

Assorted fish & seafood tray with horseradish

Selection of cold meat, ham & salami

Salad nicoise (Fresh Tuna, potatoes,

pepper, egg)

Potato salad with parsley & meat balls

Roastbeef-sandwich with mustard sauce,

Pickels and tomato

Pumpkin cream soup

Asian chicken soup with noodles

Classic Goulash soup

Chestnut cream soup with Amarettinis

Oriental lentil soup with coriander