Sandwiches & Canapès

This menu items are only a suggestions for your order.


Of course, we are able to prepair for you any kind of offmenu items and anything else your passengers request for a perfect flight.

Canapé with roast beef and Djon mustard

Canapés with smoked salmon, horseradish & sushi-Caviar

Canapé with Reblochon de Savoie cheese and fig mustard

Canapé with grilled chicken breast and tomato chutney

Canapé with Parma ham & black olives

Canapé with Ossietra Caviar & sour cream

Canapé with Foie gras and fruit mustard

Sandwich with roast beef, mustard & pickled cucumber

Sandwich with salmon, horseradish and cucumber

Sandwich with tuna salad, red onions & parsley

Sandwich with grilled vegetables & Olives

Sandwich with cheese, quince-mustard and cucumber

Sandwich with tomato, mozzarella & pesto