This menu items are only a suggestions for your order.


Of course, we are able to prepair for you any kind of offmenu items and anything else your passengers request for a perfect flight.

The Breakfast Menu

Continental Breakfast tray

Assorted bread rolls, butter, selection of deluxe meat & cheese honey, jam, 1 hard-boiled, 1 Danish pastry


Sweet Breakfast

2 Danish pastries, 2 croissants, assorted jam, honey, Breakfast chocolate cream, butter, fruit yoghurt


Light Breakfast

Whole-grain bread,cream cheese, low fat meat & cheese, fruit salad, Natural yoghurt 


Selection of cold cuts and ham


Selection of cheese


Scrambled eggs


Scrambled eggs with cheese & cherry tomatoes


Scrambled eggs with truffle butter & chives 


Poached eggs with herbs

Fried bacon


Breakfast sausages


Hash brown


Fresh bircher müsli 



with maple syrup 


Fresh fruit salad


Mini danish pastries